We are located at the Mason Complex in Stoney Ground, Anguilla. We are upstairs, all the way in the back, on the left. The door says, Gold.ai but we are known as "the cash for gold place". You can see on on google maps.

We buy and sell bitcoins, as well as gold and silver. Bitcoins can be sent anywhere on the Internet. So you can use them to buy or sell things over the Internet. If you have bitcoins and want to get cash, come to us. If you have cash and need some bitcoins to send to someone, we can help you.

For more info contact Vince Cate at vincecate@gmail.com or 1 264 581 5398. Happy to show people how to use Bitcoin or just talk about it. It is easy to start using Bitcoin.

Back in 1997 I helped start a conference called Financial Cryptography in Anguilla, so I am a natural fan of Bitcoin.